Random dude: "I don't need a holiday to remind me to love my-"
Me: (Punches dude)
Also me: "I don't need a holiday to remind myself to punch cliched dudes like yourself, but I still do it anyway."

Is like Christian Mingle but with mystics?

Or is it like Farmers Only with woke people?

How does work?

I'd like one order of companionship, please.

I hope Mastodon develops a "memories" feature like Facebook, that way I can be reminded that I tooted five years ago.

No one else finds that funny? Just me? Okay.

Mastodon is great for many reasons, but my favorite thing so far is I don't have to worry about my mom tagging me in a highly conservative or super sappy facebook post.

I highly recommend The Human Faces of God by Thom Stark. Gems like this are all over the book.

I didn't think four years of Bible College, a preaching degree, 3 church internships, and a lifelong association with the title "Christian" would lead me to become a 25 year old guy with no church and a job at a bank. But this is where I find myself. (Shocking twist here) The same questions and interests that led me to a career in Bible and the Church eventually led me outside the Church. That's just a small part of who I am, though. I love film, reading, and writing.

Greetings, fellow tooters. Is there a good android app for Mastadon?

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