Question for my fellow friends: how do you get yourself out of a slump and continue pursuing your best life? I’ve been really getting down on myself and my art lately and I’m starting to give into the lie that I can’t accomplish my dreams 😫 I love who I am when I’m “integrating” into type one, but idk how to get there 🆘

@Aamanda well I'm a much less art inclined 4 (producing art anyways, although I like to think of humor as my form of expressing my artistic self). So I may not be a huge help but I'll try. I try to keep my head in the present. It's easy to get caught up dreaming about the destination we want to reach, but I've found I'm my happiest, most productive self when I focus on the here and now. Meditating (wish I would do it more) really helps to keep me in this mindset.

@Aamanda basically, try to focus on what you're doing right now, and how you can make it beautiful, without thinking too hard about where you want to go

@Aamanda having a schedule REALLY helps me even though everything in me wants to resist 😂 This year I’ve committed to creativity, whatever that means for the day. I’ve just evaluated what truly makes me feel my best and for me thats waking up early, having a clean space, eating nutrient dense food, and doing creative things with as little or as much time as I have. (Reading, writing, drawing, singing). It’s soooo hard and I feel you.

@Aamanda also, building unconditional self love that says, “I accept and love myself where I am RIGHT NOW, regardless of if I accomplish my goals today.”

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