Y'all, I'm not a runner. As much as I want to be. I'm just not.
I heard once on a podcast that you have to pretend you're being chased by someone.
Well, that doesn't really work if your default is to just play dead at any sight of a threat.

@Abbie If you wish to expand your enneagram 9 repertoire, krunk demonstrates great another technique.

@Abbie I think running is overrated. At least for anyone who is already dealing with a lot of stress. I prefer less taxing forms of exercise, like yoga, hiking, and dancing. 🙂

@LiveYourValues yoga is currently my favorite form of exercise 🧘‍♀️

@Abbie haha. People used to say to use anger to fuel your run and I can convince myself anything i’m Angry about it not a big deal #9 too. Running in the woods works for me

@Abbie I relate to this. Whenever I get past the first mile in a run, I feel death slowly seeping its way into my body.

I'm getting into cycling now and I'm really enjoying it, but YMMV.

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