What's your favorite non-theologically offensive worship music?

@Aday I don’t know if I’d be anti-Hillsong, I like So Will I and Oceans. The rest does sound like the same Coldplay-like song though to me imo

If I’m wanting to listen to worship music I’ve found myself listening to older Audrey Assad, Josh Garrels, John Mark McMillan, The Brilliance, older Gungor (wouldn’t classify most of latter half of Gungor as worship), and then also whatever Spotify churns out for me on my Daily Mix that includes those artists.

@Aday I also really like listening to more classical sacred music (anywhere from Gregorian Chants, to classical masses, to hymn renditions, chamber music like The King’s Singers, to some more modern stuff like Eric Whitacre’s Three Songs of Faith).

@TravisWhitacre hill songs and me have different style preferences. I like rend collective’s version of ocean. Thanks for the recs.

@Aday The Porter's Gate has been my jam recently.
It's an album featuring Josh Garrells, Audrey Assad, the Brilliance, and others, that focuses on how mundane work relates to the Divine.

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