@jennyk it takes time (read weeks) for opting out indexing to catch up with googles crawling. Once something is indexed, it won’t be indexed immediately. Future posts shouldn’t be indexed though.

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A mentor once told me:

We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. Try to judge yourself by your actions and others by their intentions.

@AlexTheGirl literally had no idea that I posted that, but I love it.

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@Schusfuster @WolfDreamer It was interesting listening to Richard Rohr talk about Pope Francis approach to ending priest celibacy and the ordination of woman on his recent podcast. I'm typically on the side of rapid inclusion, but I understand those folks are slow walking things as not to bring down important institutions. Though it makes me feel a little gross. I appreciate dialoguing with you about this.


@Schusfuster @WolfDreamer A question answer session or a panel would be a standard place to address issues of disagreement at these sorts of festivals.

@Schusfuster @WolfDreamer A whole host of issues could occupy that 2%. This is Shane's 2%. More of what I'm getting at is that I find progressive purity tests problematic. "You don't mark one our boxes so you should be silent." Definitely happens in conservative circles, but it makes me sad to see it happen in progressive circles. There definitely should be standards, but one issue, agree-or-disagree inclusion criteria feels narrow to me.

@Schusfuster @WolfDreamer i’m Just saying that sometimes we double down on condemning by condemning the condemors. It’s the viscous cycle of condemnation. It’s a problem for me but Shane is 98% good and represents over all progress. I think his belief should be challenged but I don’t believe he should be shunned.

@WolfDreamer I was curious about that myself. I hope it's not just a one issue shunning. I hope progressive faith has room enough for people to have diverse belief even if sometimes those beliefs seem backwards.

Flashbacks to a Southern Baptist Childhood 

Our TV was hooked up to a device called Curse Free TV. Curse free TV mutes the TV for 30 seconds anytime there is a swear word in the closed caption and replaces it with alternative closed captions (bastard became clown; ass became toe). We once Watched Saving Private Ryan at home. It was a silent film.

@VickyMcKinney coming into to my local bookstore any day now. Already listened to the first three podcasts.

@TravisWhitacre hill songs and me have different style preferences. I like rend collective’s version of ocean. Thanks for the recs.

What's your favorite non-theologically offensive worship music?

FB, IG, and TW’s Death Grip on Commerce 

@mike I use Freedom to give my access for an hour or two a day tops (currently 0 hours a day; I've locked myself out). No on demand access. freedom.to

@Amanda A french man walks in a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bar tender asked "where did you get that?" The parrot says, "France, they've got millions of them."

@mamaria oh we listened to it. Just secretly. Made it all the more edgy... 😂

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