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Well, I finally have my own music posted. Much, much more to come.
No vocals yet for this. But it's loud and angry and fun! But I still need to mix it better -- it's a learning process.

@JessieGinger You inspired me to get off my butt and post my stuff. Thank you!

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Was I supposed to do one of these?
OK, pertinent labels:
> ex-Christian, hopeful agnostic
> vegan
> transgender woman, recently transitioning
> recently divorced (take a guess why)
> musician
The above items are not ordered by importance.
One of my college professors described me as having "an affectation for the unusual". Ten years later, it still is accurate.
Spent most of my life Evangelical. Came out as trans only a year after I lost my faith.
I've had an interesting life. 💚🎉

Well, here's my music again. I've put three more songs on my Soundcloud and updated my profile a bit; I think "progressive rock with punk attitude" is a good-enough description.

I just boxed up the last of my men's clothing and it feels great.

. . . but there was this single lavender v-neck t-shirt. I bought it in the early stages of my transition, before coming out, because it counted as a men's shirt but made me feel feminine. I've decided that it's welcome among my women's clothes and that it's going to transition with me.

. . . OK, and the men's flannels my folks bought me last year. They make me look like a lesbian and I'm f i n e with that!

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So it's been forever since I've been on here. You're all still cool!

Anyway, I want to start dating again -- it's been a solid year and a half since my ex and I separated.
. . . does anyone have experience with online dating? Or dating at all after growing up as a homeschooled boy in I-Kissed-Dating-Goodbye culture and literally only going on one date ever? I feel lost. And very gay. I'm rambling.

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Christian cosmology, towards new paradigms for understanding reality 

-Thomas Berry (1985) - excerpt from The Christian Future and the Fate of the Earth

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Hi, all. I posted this over on the Liturgists Discourse, but if there is any kind of audience for this, it's our group of lovely misfits 😁

I just released an EP of songs inspired by Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot. If you like mostly mellow, acoustic, psychedelic, environmental, conservationist, existential, melodic tunes, you should check it out:

I approach the library secretary at her desk.

"Hi, I need to get a new student ID."

"Oh, OK. Did you lose your old one, or did something happen to it?"

I get out my old ID.

" . . . I *need* to get a new student ID."

She laughs with me.

I am become trans, destroyer of nature (transphobia) 

Pope Francis apparently compared trans rights to the nuclear arms race, too. I'm honestly flattered.

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Call to action against subminimum wage for disabled people, link to Twitter

Lydia X. Z. Brown, an Autistic Self-advocate, posted this on Twitter about fighting laws that allow subminimum wage for disabled people

It takes some work but you can leave a comment if you're able, condemning laws that allow people to be discriminated against because they are disabled.

Why in the world did it take me until now to start watching Stranger Things? This is exactly my kind of story: whimsical and frightening!

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I feel like this is the most appropriate place to post this, 😂. @vishnu and @mike, in case y’all haven’t seen this one.

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Fav human fact 

The average human being has one testicle.

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Just finished this quick pirate ship commission. Uncharted waters for me artistically.

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Trolling a toxic conference 

So there's this toxic conference in the UK called "Dangers of Social Justice in Evangelicalism" which is probably going to be every bit as bad as it sounds.

Thankfully, they left us a HUGE's free to register.😈

If you want to make empty seats, go to the link and sign up for as many tickets as you have time for (bonus points if you use a name/email address like ThisIs MorallyBankruptChristianity).

Let the trolling commence. 👾

It turns out that my employer is fundamentalist, but not hateful. I was able to come out here.
I came out on Tuesday. I kind of like my job now.
So since I don't have to hide anymore, here's my face.

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