Hey @vishnu tonight’s show in Portland was amazing. I was very happy. Thank you. ❤️

I haven’t been on here as much... but my grand opening is in 2 days. I’m busy AF. Overwhelmed, terrified, and happy, all at the same time.

Today I was recognized in public. Because of the business I’m starting. Granted it was at the Vans store, where I was stocking up on my favorite boring t-shirts. But the employee working there knew who I was and it was weird and wonderful all at once. I don’t know what to feel.

But this picture my contractors put on Instagram made me cry, because they are amazing people who believe in the vision and are going above and beyond to make it excellent.

@Allison I’m loving it so far! And listening to it on the way to an OBGYN appointment. 😂😂😂

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I just laughed/snorted so loud in a coffee shop when I saw this. I also smiled, because most people are NOT educated well on this subject.

This is the weird and awesome and random content you get on TAATR.

Looking forward to actually listening.

Having lots of health issues while starting a business is real hard. My anxiety is high, my pain levels are high. Just a hard few days.

But I went to a Buddhist meditation center right by my house on Sunday and it was WONDERFUL. 40 minutes of meditation, followed by 10 minutes of “mindful movement” was just the most amazing thing. I will definitely go back.

I announced my grand opening of the park today! 😅😅😅😬😬😬

My husband is off to Idaho for a UMC event (that Vishnu and Mike are speaking at tomorrow). I’m home with my kid, my 4 dogs, and my business, but still feeling lonely. So I put on the entire One Wild Trilogy and am singing in my kitchen.

Not sure where you heard it (I’m behind on podcasts) but I’m seeing that the Buddhist episodes got low play.

I couldn’t finish the first one. It felt like a very long sermon with no real direction. It was too long and rambling for me to follow. Haven’t listened to another episode since struggling through that one....

Just maybe thought some feedback from those who didn’t connect with it would help.

I’ve loved 95% of the episodes... but this one just didn’t connect.

I’m re-doing my .

I’m a 30 something woman/wife/mom in Portland, OR. I was deeply involved in the Assemblies of God in Illinois in the ‘00s before a painful break with the church.

I am: .

I’m currently working on my life goal of building an indoor skatepark, .

I love skateboarding, dogs, Science, books, video games, small businesses, and Bob’s Burgers.

I think gender is BS, and I’m a strong supporter of .

I completely understand when creative endeavors take breaks, but also... I’m really happy is back. ❤️😊❤️

Skatepark Progress update!!!! Tonight I got to really skate the mini ramp and it was awesome. Taking a little break to skate with friends tomorrow.

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My prayer for the UMC. 

The UMC was a home for me when no other church would accept me. May the church grow to be such a home for all people—especially LGBTQ people—in the days ahead.

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