Dear kids in Washington State: you can make an appointment with your doctor, or walk into a clinic or ER, and get vaccinated. You don't need permission from your parents. You don't have to wait until you are 18. If the health care provider gets confused, the magic phrase is "Mature Minor Doctrine", and point out that not wanting to catch measles is sign of sufficient maturity.

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@Ralf @mike I’m sorry your wife has to work with teenagers who OD, that sounds like tough work and exceptionally sad.

But the federal government classifies marijuana as a schedule I drug, which is what I think Mike was protesting. Schedule I means that there is no accepted medical use, which is simply false in the case of marijuana. It’s in the same category as heroine and ecstasy and higher than cocaine, which is absurd.

I don’t know if I believe in god, but I do long for god.

The god I long for is with us always, suffers and grows with us, loves us unconditionally.

This god exists in the great mystery between the push towards the ideals we strive for and the desire to already be enough in this moment.

Does this god exist ‘out there’? I don’t know. But the concept moves me and feeds me. Maybe that’s enough to be called “belief.”

@realrobbell I'm not sure having a parody account of Rob Bell is a great idea in this community. What's your reason for making it?

Adding @mike for awareness.


@Ricci, no I don't worry about those who aren't Christians.

A big shift in my thinking was seeing Christianity as a tradition. I choose to live in a tradition that's modeled after the story of Christ.

I've found a lot of peace in letting go of all the metaphysical and eternal dogmas that often go with it. But I choose to keep the traditions because they give me meaning.

@Leah @cajal inspired by the liturgists today:

Doer: “What’s on the agenda today?”

“Let me check... I see love.”

D: “Then what?”

“Nothing else. That’s it. Just love”

D: “But how do we know we are successful?”

“I think that’s the wrong question to ask.”

D: “But how do I do that?”

“Maybe you should just sit, listen and empathize.”

D: “Perfect. Then I can help solve problems.”

“No. Just sit and listen. Ask an occasional open question and just listen.”

D: “Really?”


If you celebrate commercial holidays (i.e. Valentine's day) I am reminding you to make whatever plans you need to (like get a sitter and or reservations).

“The opposite of faith is not doubt: It is certainty. It is madness. You can tell you have created God in your own image when it turns out that he or she hates all the same people you do.”

Anne Lamott

Wow. This place really is a whole lot less stressful than literally every other platform.

@hope Thats exactly right. It's easier to preach - "get your ticket into heaven by following these steps simple steps" than preaching - you know those people living on the street you usually avoid, you should love and take care of them. You know the people you don't understand and kind of hate if your honest, serve them and love them. You know those normal people you see everyday and ignore - actually see them and love them. Much harder to do.

Rohr never fails to captivate my heart and soul.

"Some of us learned to cope with abuse or trauma by shutting down our body's awareness and expression. Part of the healing process is listening to the body's messages in safe environments. We are not simply souls having a spiritual experience, but physical beings whose very breath is given by the Divine. In order to incarnate God, we are called to be fully human. We are humus--of the earth, soil, ground."

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