Any other current/former worship musicians still playing in church? It’s a far out trip, right? It’s not so bad until sermon time. I can interpret a lot of the song lyrics in a way that I can still feel good singing along. But when the preaching starts.. that’s when it gets awkward for me.

@AndrewBrooks I played drums for my church for 10 years before moving to plant a new church. During that process I deconstructed. Going back home to visit family and play on the team again is a blast until the sermon, but even the songs they choose scare me sometimes.

@AndrewBrooks I actually just left my worship job (6 years) and church (9 years). I had been putting it off for so long because I didn’t feel qualified to do much else as a job, and I didn’t know where to go. But yes, while I was there, the sermon time was always the most uncomfortable part, especially when I had to run FOH audio 😒

@micahrisinger same. I was technical director and worship leader of a church and often would be running FOH. So I had to hear the whole sermon four times for all the services.

@micahrisinger curious as to what you do now for work. If you don't mind sharing. I'm stepping down as a full time worship leader soon and have some things lined up, but feel the same way about quifications.

@AndrewBrooks this was my life for a long time. I finally escaped church but I miss playing.

@AndrewBrooks yep, me too! play a mix of guitar, bass, and sometimes run sound.

On sermons, I just take a non-authoritarian view: that's the pastor's perspective and interpretation, and though I might learn another perspective or have it affect me in a way that's good for me, I also look at a little analytically and feel free to discard where I think the message is off or incomplete.

@AndrewBrooks TBH, I’m the exact opposite. When i was going to church, I couldn’t sit through the worship service at all. It helped that the pastor is progressive, so the language he used wasn’t so reminiscent of what I ran from.

@rocketbarn yeah, depends on the combo of music and sermonizer. It can make a big difference.

@AndrewBrooks my wife and I just left a church I was playing on team for.
I miss playing, so so much, but not sure if I can stomach heading back to a church that has a band. Where I’m from most churches are Pentecostal and have Calvinist leaning theology.

@AndrewBrooks Same for me. Except I'm the worship leader. 🤣 For now at least. Stepping down after Easter.

@AndrewBrooks I’m the head of our worship team and I lead services and lead the band at a little baptist church not far from Melbourne Australia. My hope is that I’m that different voice in the congregation and can make those small changes to bring more compassion and understanding into the world of evangelism. I often wonder how long I can deal with it though.

@AndrewBrooks wow I resonate with all of this. I also deeply resonate with the fulldrive. Mad love for the fulldrive

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