This could be the beginning of a “you might be enlightened if..” joke series:

You might be enlightened if after excercising you find you have no filtered water for you protein shake, so you use beer instead. Because this is all there is.. in my refrigerator. To quote the sage Mason, “none of this shit matters anyway.”

Safe to say I’ve let go, @vishnu ?


Suffering ceases the more we open ourselves up, therefore, letting go. In my life, I’ve only learned to open up and let go the hard way. I have blossomed by no longer clinging to false myths and desires; however, I needed to be broken open by the losses, the emptiness, the loneliness, the lostness.. and gradually, nature’s will for my growth proved stronger than my clinging to THAT. That which is not here. That which is not now. That which is not me. That which is not grace.

Thank you @vishnu for THIS. It’s made me laugh, cry, grin, given me reassurance and inspiration, and most importantly made me feel loved, and I’m only halfway through the first chapter.

Any other current/former worship musicians still playing in church? It’s a far out trip, right? It’s not so bad until sermon time. I can interpret a lot of the song lyrics in a way that I can still feel good singing along. But when the preaching starts.. that’s when it gets awkward for me.

Glad to see the other Friday night posts! EnJOY life everyone! I love being a part of this community ! Thank you to everyone involved 🙏🏼

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