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From Martin Laird’s “An Ocean of Light,” his third book on contemplative prayer.

If you have not heard of Laird, then this is my gift to you today. His learned teaching on contemplation is beyond words.

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"But if you’ve really learned how to think, how to pay attention…it will actually be within your power to experience a crowded, loud, slow, consumer-hell-type situation as not only meaningful but sacred, on fire with the same force that lit the stars—compassion, love, the sub-surface unity of all things."
-David Foster Wallace

@justincalebbryant the stories are amazing and seamingly endless.. I have Miracle of Love. I was reading it a lot when I first moved to where I’m living now. A risky venture. I was living out of my car and then the studio for a while. One day, I woke up from a nap and was led by one synchronicity after the next and it was precious and playful and very personally affirming. I’d like to write it out properly at some point to do it justice. But.. it felt like Maharaji was behind the whole thing 🙂

@justincalebbryant I’ve heard about him before! So glad I know what he looks like now ❤️

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“There is only this now. It does not come from anywhere; it is not going anywhere. It is not permanent, but it is not impermanent. Though moving, it is always still. When we try to catch it, it seems to run away, and yet it is always here and there is no escape from it. And when we turn around to find the self which knows this moment, we find that it has vanished like the past.” ~ Alan Watts


I was standing there. I could feel my bare feet in the earth. I could see the ocean waves. I could hear the wind blowing the grass and trees. I could smell the salt in the air. Clouds filled the sky above me. Nothing missing was the sentiment of the moment.


The only part I played in that vast moment was the role of the observer. But I’m not even responsible for my ability to observe, and I can’t take credit for whatever it is that makes me perceive that moment as sublime. Yet, what an essential piece I am. Without my loving awareness, there WOULD be something missing. There would be no creature beholding the unitive beauty of this moment.


This is the romance of separation and wholeness. I am the universe observing itself. I am the missing piece. I am the sought after seeker seeking what is found within me and everything around me. I am whole and complete but because I am broken. Having been torn off, alone, and set apart, I gaze from the secret place of intimate isolation where vision is true to witness that all is one, and nothing is missing.

Side note: it actually doesn’t taste bad! Kinda what I imagine a beer float tasting like although I’ve never had one.

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This could be the beginning of a “you might be enlightened if..” joke series:

You might be enlightened if after excercising you find you have no filtered water for you protein shake, so you use beer instead. Because this is all there is.. in my refrigerator. To quote the sage Mason, “none of this shit matters anyway.”

Safe to say I’ve let go, @vishnu ?


They keep worshipping anything but each other.
Maybe if I make myself one of them, they’ll see that nothing is missing among them.
Whoops, they really didn’t like that idea.

Thinking this would make a good little comic if anyone wants to help with that 😍

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"Most emergencies aren't. They're people playing out their dramas and inviting you to become entangled in their dramas."
- Rob Bell, Robcast "That Pause"
Today's new episode is soooo good!

@vishnu listening now to the “Why” episode on THIS, and I just had to toot at you: if you’re crazy, so am I. I’ve been nicknamed “crazy man” by a couple friends now, and I’ve come to view as an endearing term. This is being born again, beloved ❤️

Suffering ceases the more we open ourselves up, therefore, letting go. In my life, I’ve only learned to open up and let go the hard way. I have blossomed by no longer clinging to false myths and desires; however, I needed to be broken open by the losses, the emptiness, the loneliness, the lostness.. and gradually, nature’s will for my growth proved stronger than my clinging to THAT. That which is not here. That which is not now. That which is not me. That which is not grace.

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Dear humans, I would like to propose an unlabeled two week addition to the calendar where nothing is allowed to be scheduled. Thank you for your consideration.

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