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Deconstruction for me felt like watching pieces of the floor crumble all around me and thinking, well I guess I don't really need that bit. Slowly, slowly it all eroded away.

But somehow I never fell

Any other ASD parents out there? Either parents of people on the spectrum or parents on the spectrum. My kiddo is pretty high functioning and great with adults, but other kids can't interface well with his highly-structured, rule-based play style. Also all the hitting.

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For anyone who enjoyed my rant re: special ed and immersion school a couple days ago, I got a call from the school district. They think they've figured out a way to cobble together the services he needs at the immersion school. It's not completely locked in, but on the right track. Thanks for the support everyone

Is there some sort of substance abuse habit I can take up to get through this?

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And I, as an ASD person myself, do not have the skills to facilitate consistent social interactions for him on my own

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I'm not really interested in opting out and just homeschooling him because I, at least, have the resources to fight for improvements in the system, which not every SpEd family does. Also what he needs is practice relating to his peers, and what better way to do that than by learning something new together. He's academically super advanced so that's not an experience he's ever had. Hence language immersion.

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Or we just say fuck it, decline special services and send him to school, where he can spend a lot of time in the principal's office for behavior issues like I did

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I'm so disheartened. My kiddo is officially Special Needs now, and the school board is telling me they can't provide the services he needs at the language immersion school he lotteried into (and which I attended and am strongly committed to). Either we have a fight on our hands or something is going to have to give.

I love my parents and am so grateful to have the kind of relationship where I am happy to live next door to them. I do, however, have to wait until they're out of town to wear my gungor merch

Drawing eyebrows and lips on my toddler daughter for a ballet show is okay if I'm doing it to my son too... Right?

Gender-neutral use of 'guys' 

I think I'm too sarcastic, judgemental, and stable for this space. I'm at peace with what I know and don't know, I'm content where I am right now, with the exception of trying to be less cynical. I just don't relate to a lot of you guys' great posts.

I'm the one dancing like an idiot. An extremely embodied idiot. Y'all jelly

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Hanging out waiting for the End Of The World show to start. You can talk to me if you're here too! I'm not knitting to be antisocial!

Getting ready to drive up for One Wild Life Portland and I have no idea what the kids are wearing to concerts these days. The only piece I've got locked in is my official gungor merch necklace from way back whenever

Why are there a million Christmas albums and none to get me through Lent. I need to be listening to Ah Holy Jesus and Oh Sacred Head all week

Just took a Big Five personality test.

High emotional stability
Pretty high intelligence/openness
Lowish agreeableness
Really low extroversion and conscientiousness.

Seems about right. I'm definitely a very chill jerk!

This toot brought to you by the ad for golf clubs I was just inexplicably shown

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Getting poorly-targeted ads on an article is like getting to read it for free

My kiddo has been asking and taking about death a lot lately. Fortunately he doesn't seem scared since I told him "death is not the end", which I guess is true enough from any perspective. I've answered more detailed questions through a "we believe" lens, with emphasis on resurrection and not needing to be afraid of death. Still tough to play it cool. Anyone been here?

I'm a bit astrology-curious, but I don't relate at all to anything I've read about my supposed sign. Either I'm a very unusual capricorn or everyone is right to say it's bunk ♑🤷🏼‍♀️

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