Thank you all for letting me stretch my five wing. I've been leaning on my three side to survive motherhood but it's not my best look.

@Aubrianne Haha! 4w5 here. Don't think I've ever leaned on my 3 side, but my 5 can be pretty ugly at times.

@Daryn @Jess when I go three, I feel like it feeds into my semi-autistic tendencies and I become very detached from my feelings and those of everyone around me. I can become a bit ruthless and impatient. When I get to skew five I am more curious and insightful

@Aubrianne @Daryn I feel you there. I've been very intentional about the growth path for 4s, which is to get out of that thinking and feeling loop and jumping into action. I'm not sure that is so much a 3 thing for me as it is just being intentional about doing the things that my thoughts and feelings are preventing me from just getting up and accomplishing. Right now, that looks like just getting up and doing the damn dishes.

@Jess @Daryn for sure. For me I think I'm just subconsciously following the pattern my mother laid out, and she is very much a three. My hubbo is a one and gets thrown off by the inevitable chaos that comes with living with people and he has had to learn to stop freaking out about how there must be something wrong with the system and just doing the damn dishes, as you say

@Aubrianne @Jess as a 4w5 I’ve found my melancholy overactive. It’s like I have bursts of energy to accomplish something but then I’m either exhausted or pissed about something else, and then my 5-side shows up & I’m like screw it I’ll just read/research and not interact with all those who “don’t get me”. 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

@Aubrianne I do that too @Daryn. My 5 wing gets real insecure and just starts researching into forever. My 4 feels misunderstood and the 5, antisocial. Lol.

@Jess @Aubrianne @Daryn I'm a 5w6, but been getting in touch with my 4 wing, and dang this really hits home lol

@Jess @Aubrianne @Daryn I'm still thinking about this. I definitely switch between the need for intense research (5) and melancholy (4), and then when I get tired of it all I want to just say everything is great (7).

Do y'all ever see any disintegrated 7 in you because of your 5 wing?

@tommyschnabel @Aubrianne @Daryn Ian Cron talks about how 4s can look like 7s sometimes. I think it is because we are as infatuated by our good emotions as our bad emotions. So if we are experiencing happy joy, we can become very fun, life of the party, up for anything types of people. I don't see much 7 in myself though. My disintegration tends towards the clingy aspect of 2ishness.

@Jess @tommyschnabel @Daryn interesting! I don't think I do that much since I'm pretty introverted and tend toward cynicism, unfortunately

@Aubrianne @Daryn I live with an 8 husband, so our shit comes in the form of me asking him to do something and him not doing it because I can't control him. That's simplistic, but how it feels. I didn't grow up with a 3 though, so I could see how that pattern would get set up in your head.

@Jess @Aubrianne my 6 of a wife almost balances me out 😂🖤✌🏽❤️

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