I resonate with the “Mother Earth” story now far more than the “Not of this world” myth. We are born of this world, we are part of it, not separate from. It is not a place to escape from but to take care of and treat well. Like a mother. She has born us and given us everything we need to grow and survive. The divine feminine in rocks and trees and soil and sky. And we have abused her, our mother.

@BCGregory6615 I love this idea. Especially when you consider that every bit of energy or nutrients that was required for us to form in a womb were products of the earth. Everything that makes our body came from the earth. This idea summed up beautifully by Alan Watts when he explains that a tree that produces apples is a tree that apples and this planet is a planet that peoples.

@jherb yes! And to take it a step further, everything that is on this planet was birthed from the stars. So the universe is a life giving thing. A life birthing universe. That gives birth to peopling planets!

@BCGregory6615 It’s such a beautiful system! This concept makes so much sense to me and helps me stay present, recognizing I am exactly where I should be and where I belong. I’m already home.

@BCGregory6615 I agree with this but I actually understand this phrase differently. For me when I hear "not of this world", the term "this world" refers to the collective ego-driven mindset that keeps us separate from the divine, from others and from the spirit of the earth. Some people describe this as the 3D plane. This is a lower frequency plane than the 5D, which I also like to think of as heaven, is where we exist in pure unconditional love and compassion.

@BCGregory6615 I think that is what Jesus calls us into. I do see how the phrase has been used to encourage Christians to separate themselves from others non-Christians and from this literal planet, so I see why you'd want to get away from it.

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