Y'all, 2019 is breaking me. I've been spending more time with my Evangelical, Trump-loving parents this past year or so, because their health has been declining. I thought they might only have a few years left. Well, their health was worse than any of us knew, apparently. Mom died 7 weeks ago, & then Dad died the day before yesterday. I feel like I'm made of lead. All I can do is cry. This isn't fair. I don't know how to wrap up this message but I just have to yell into the darkness right now.

@JosiahRA @winter This is only my second time observing lent. Last year I did Pete Rollins' Atheism for Lent with a church group. This year I'm just going to do something on my own. I'm dealing with some grief so I want to set aside some time each day to do an exercise or meditation specifically focused on grief.

I've been away from this feed for a while so forgive me if this has been discussed to death, but how many are observing Lent this year?


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I am planning on writing a blog while at the Methodist Church’s General Conference to help keep my friends in texas informed and to release my own frustrations. Does anyone have a recommended platform? I don’t want to use tumblr because of the BS with the nsfw stuff. @mike

Maybe the true takeaway is that humans have the capacity to heal through intentional focused energy disbursement, and the face of G-d's love within the world is relational, intentional humans acting in love with universal consciousness to enact G-d's reality among each other.

Good morning, everyone, I have two questions:

1: Is there a quick & easy way to follow all members of the Liturgists instance?

2: Is that even appropriate?

I said, well maybe now that she doesn't have our human limitations, she can stand in awe of Jesus AND look down on you and be happy for you. Again, a fleeting glimmer of peace and comfort on his face, then he shook it away with, "No, I think Jesus is too wonderful for her to worry about me." 😭 😭 😭

I have to think Jesus would be horrified at that thought.

Who ever thought the Evangelical/Christian view of heaven was comforting?! (Full disclosure, I did, for most of my life. But not now.) My dad is grieving the loss of my mom, his sweetheart since he was 17. He got a glimmer of joy on his face yesterday at the thought that she was smiling down on us. Then he composed himself, sadly, and said, "Of course I'm sure she's too busy looking at Jesus to think about me." It seemed disrespectful to him that she would think of him instead of Jesus. 😭

Today I'm in my late 40s, married to a wonderful man who didn't grow up in the church but strives to understand what I've been through. My kids are adjusting well. One is an atheist and one prays to some Greek deity that I don't understand, and both are doing just fine. I guess I'm an agnostic, although my faith is being stirred and shaken by the recent death of my mother.

So that's me in a nutshell. I look forward to getting to know all of you! /4

She was a kind and loving woman, and just couldn't stand to see her daughter settle for less than the best that God had to offer. That love unfortunately manifested itself in some cruel speeches. That's how messed up the theology is, that loving someone causes you to be cruel to them. /3

Leaving my parents' independent Pentecostal church, even to just go to the Baptist church down the road, broke my mother's heart. She would call me in tears, worried that I had lost my place in heaven. (She didn't think I was going to hell, but our church taught heaven had "ranks" and we, of course, were headed for the top one.) /2

I've already made my first couple of toots, but it's time for a proper . I grew up in the church, Christian school, the whole bit. I taught my children the Bible, and didn't really start deconstructing until I was almost 40 and got a divorce. The divorce kind of made me rethink everything. /1

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