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I spent a very enjoyable Friday night DMing the first session of our new campaign.

Thrust together by a troll attack and an offer of coin, our unlikely band were tasked with investigating a disappearance. Following an evening of sleuthing, sneaking, and some extremely well-thrown darts, they find themselves apparently alone in the warehouse which was the last known location of the man they seek.

Where they go from here is up to them, but I look forward to finding out!

The office. 

I have to admit something. I recently finished watching the office, not my first attempt but my first time making it to the end. I went into it hoping for some light hearted relaxation but as a nine it was way too tense for my nine scale! I'm curious to know how other people would rate it out of nine?

For me... four out of nine nines.

Don't get me wrong, it's a masterpiece in every other way, I just so struggled to veg out to it.

@mike do you care to share your rating?

So on the liturgists podcast this week @mike mentioned the prisoners dilemma. It reminded me of this brilliant game exploring the evolution of trust. It takes about half an hour to play and I recommend it to everyone.

Have fun!

@mike the solution to all our social media problems has been under our noses all along!


Considering the massive life changes that many people in this community have gone through I'm curious about how people's perceptions of their own name has changed. Or if you've changed your name to better represent a new identity. If so did you choose a new name or have one given to you? How did those around you react to your new name?

I'd love to hear some different perspectives on this.


Does anyone have any good tips that you've picked up for how to function during a time of depression? Big or little things are welcome.

Are any liturgists interested in D&D or RPG's? 

I was talking to @bquade about starting a group. We could do full campaigns or regular one-shots. Probably on roll20 seems to be the easiest way but we'll see.

Also, no worries if you are brand new to the genre or super experienced. I'm new so if we are all in that boat we'll learn together but if anyone is more experienced I'd love to learn from you, especially if you want to DM.

If you're interested let me know and and we'll start there.

I'm curious about people's thoughts on the effect of prayer outside of ourselves?

I love all of the advantages that come from seeing it as a form of meditation for personal spiritual growth but after very recently shedding my christianity I have found the only thing I miss is being able to say "I'll pray for you" and actually believe that it will bring encouragement or healing to someone in a hard time.

Where do you all sit with this? What place does prayer have for you?

Hello from Aus!

I've been a long time litugists lurker and this seemed like a good time to introduce myself.

I'm nearing the end of a huge time of separation, deconstruction and mental health challenges but I finally feel like I am regaining some freedom to be myself.

I'm currently building out a van to start exploring Australia. I'm in to sustainable agriculture, any kind of outdoors adventuring and good old board games. Enneagram 9w1.

It's nice to meet you all!

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