Advice on affirming someone who just transitioned.

My barber, who I would consider a casual friend, went on medical leave for several months. I’ve touched based via text a few times before I schedule a haircut to see if he is back. This time when I went to to book an appointment, it seems that he has transitioned into a woman. I don’t want to assume gender and want to fully affirm them, but this is new territory for me. Does anyone have any advice on how I can be tactfully supportive?

In case anyone is interested. Below is the Florida Conference of the UMC Clergy Statement for inclusivity. I may be a bit biased, but I think it’s pretty good.

Side note: the link does have the word “poopy” in it.

I’m a pastor in the UMC who is affirming of LGBTQ+ persons. There have been mixed reactions in my church. I am trying to wrap my head around the issue some people are having, which I don’t believe is rooted in the Bible. Some have immense fear, fragility, and defensiveness about inclusion. It is to the point that they wonder what is next to go, “Are we going to give up Jesus next?” I have theories of what is happening on psychological and sociological levels, but want to hear other thoughts.

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Are there any Liturgist meetup groups in Southeast Florida? I'm in Broward, but also able to get to Palm Beach, or northern Miami-Dade, if anyone's around.

Mastodon has the feel of Facebook when it first came out and only people with a .edu email could join. Does that a date me?

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I'm interested to give this another shot, I had thought about it around a year ago but without people, it didn't make sense. Now there are people to talk with, so I am happy to be here.

Is Whalebird for Win or Linux tho? Also what's the consensus iOS app?

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