Hi my name is Becka. I started deconstructing my Southern Baptist upbringing about 12 years ago. I have experienced more peace and self confidence in the last 12 years than I did in my first 30 years of life. I have lived in the south for the last 15 years but I grew up mostly in central California and Colorado. My safe place is were the waves meet the sand.

Evangelical Stuff I Miss 

@mike @mistyinwpg AGREED you can do this any way you want, Misty. Don't get sucked into the thinking that there's only one "correct" way to be an Exvangelical. I LOVE my materialist atheist friends but it's possible to be a fundamentalist about anything. We are NOT into that around here. I do a lot of intercessory prayer & I don't really believe in it scientifically, for example? I'm over it.

Sometimes being on a church staff wrecks you and at the same time gives you great clarity for the path you are journeying on.

So, I started my first profile with a random nickname and decided I should just use my real name.....so here I am again, creating a new profile.😆

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