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Thinking of the grief that is coming up for many of us because of Rachel's death. May we all grieve well- grief has no stages or trajectory. And then when we are ready take up the work that she started. Love you all.

I'm super excited for the release of THIS: Becoming Free this month. I've already had the chance to read it, but I'm excited for others to read it too so I can talk about it more! I highly recommend for those who like reading about philosophy and want to get to know about @vishnu a little more. Now, get off of here and go pre-order it!

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Help | Deconstruction 

THIS by Michael Gungor 

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I have found a new morning routine that makes for a great start to the day: listening to the Ask Science @mike podcast! I came into work and a co-worker literally said "Why are you so happy today?" 😂

I've been a listener to The Liturgists podcast and just discovered Mike's podcast that goes back to 2015. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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