My only ink currently is the crossed arrows representing friendship/alliance and the 27 17 represents Proverbs 27:17 (as iron sharpens iron so one brother/sister sharpens another”

My next ink will be some sort of representation of the Holy Spirit as she/ mother earth that will spark conversation about the sacred feminine and piss off the patriarchy or maybe just Jamie Lee Finch’s face. I’m open to suggestions.

I “gave up” all other forms of social media for Lent. Honestly not sure if I will ever go back. I have found my “bees”.
(Pic from Blind Melon~No Rain video)

I have an extra ticket for the tour date this Friday the 22nd of February. This show features The Brilliance, Gungor, and Propaganda. The venue is The Loft at Center Stage in Atlanta, Ga. Doors open at 7 pm show starts at 8pm.

I would love to give this ticket to a deserving fellow

Sensitive Subject UMC GC 

For the tour stop in Atlanta, I’m thinking of using this image to make myself a concert tee featuring the legendary band “Abraham’s Bosom”. What say you @mike

I am sharing this pics of this email from Gungor in the event anyone needs additional encouragement to attend one of the “End of the World” tour stops. See you in Atlanta @vishnu

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