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(2/2) that was a fun conversation with my husband—I think I might be bi(crying) Him—Yeah (Bc he has known for a while 😂😂😂) Nov saw me contemplating suicide, losing ALL pieces of the old faith I was still holding onto, becoming WAY more spiritual in my practices of meditation, journaling, and using tarot cards to aid in those. I can’t stand church. But want to give my kids a great community (suggestions?). And discussing poly with husband 🤷🏽‍♀️ that’s me..

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(1/2) I never know what to put in these things-I want to say all the things-But there are so many things😳I am a mom of three—the oldest(6) was recently diagnosed with severe ADHD. I deal with my own depression and anxiety daily. Grew up in church, didn’t think women should be in leadership positions until two years ago (cringe), didn’t realize that my deeeeeep issues with lgbtq+ not being accepted was because of my own gayness until October of last year 🤣

Complaining about siblings. Phobia issues and swears 

My sisters do not nor seem to want to get what it is like for someone to live with a phobia. It’s really shitty. I don’t chose to feel the way I do around my phobia. It’s just fucking there. Can we not treat people with phobias like their idiots. K. Great thanks.


I now see how important it is to remember that when you say "I have anxiety" you shouldn't say it like "I have blue eyes," but instead you should say it like "I have a squid that is attacking my face." Don't be content to live with a squid attacking your face.

Are any of you out there fans of podcast? I am slowly making my way through them from the beginning. I love them 😂

Pour Advice No. 7 [Alcohol] 

Q: What's worse than telling someone they have something in their teeth?

A: Telling them their eyebrows make them look like a Juggalette. But don't worry, @Birdie and I here to help.

A new episode of is ready for your enjoyment.

Fun news! hit 💯 subscribers on YouTube today. Something that started as a dumb joke here on Mastodon has blossomed into one of my favorite thing to do each week.

Thank you to everyone that supported the idea, subscribed, and contributed! You're all great!

Cc: @Birdie

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

We may have gotten carried away with our ideas to keep your kids in bed, @shawn.

Parenting and hitting 

Parents. How do you keep your kids from hitting one another? This is a daily thing for us and it’s every one of them that does it—7,5,17mths. We have tried time outs, talking to them, taking away toys, video games. Nothing stops the hitting.

2020 Election / Brand Design 

Man named Pete from South Bend, IN running for president in 2020 with killer branding. Check out those state-specific support logos. 😍 But do you think an openly-gay man, despite his credentials, has a chance to make it to the primary in this country? I am hopeful.

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

@Birdie and I trying something new in this week's installment of : Advice first, drink second.

What do you do when you send a saucy text message to the wrong person? 😬

Also, we make a (seriously tasty) Tom Collins. 🍋

Is anyone else planning to binge the entire MCU between now and the 26th? Just @Birdie and I?

Hi, everyone! @Birdie and I need a new batch of questions to answer on . Hit us with something fun or weird and receive a drink on the house.*

(And please boost if you don’t mind.)

*Free drink redeemable in person only, in Michigan, with 24-hours heads-up.

We have our priorities so straight. Yes he is skipping work for the day 🤣 @drew


I came out to my younger sister today and lo’ and behold she also identifies as bisexual 😂 this was her text to me after we got off the phone: I’m so glad we talked bc now I feel this is an important part of who I am and I shouldn’t feel ashamed of it.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Pour Advice! (alcohol) 

In Episode 2, we try our hand at making the Manhattan and offer advice to @Ricci on handling unwanted advice.


Could you all send out some good vibes/pay if it’s your thing/good thoughts—I am having a slight panic attack and I haven’t had one in a while. I hate this feeling. It fucking sucks.

Okay this is going out on a big limb here, but I’m travelling to Italy this summer and I’d like to spend a day in Assisi- but not doing tourist stuff. I want to have a spiritual experience of some kind of personal connective experience while I’m there. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a person or group I could connect with there? I see there are lots of silent retreats, but they’re generally several days. Just throwing it out there.

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