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Complaining about siblings. Phobia issues and swears 


Are any of you out there fans of podcast? I am slowly making my way through them from the beginning. I love them 😂

Pour Advice No. 7 [Alcohol] 

Fun news! hit 💯 subscribers on YouTube today. Something that started as a dumb joke here on Mastodon has blossomed into one of my favorite thing to do each week.

Thank you to everyone that supported the idea, subscribed, and contributed! You're all great!

Cc: @Birdie

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

Parenting and hitting 

2020 Election / Brand Design 

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

Is anyone else planning to binge the entire MCU between now and the 26th? Just @Birdie and I?

Hi, everyone! @Birdie and I need a new batch of questions to answer on . Hit us with something fun or weird and receive a drink on the house.*

(And please boost if you don’t mind.)

*Free drink redeemable in person only, in Michigan, with 24-hours heads-up.

We have our priorities so straight. Yes he is skipping work for the day 🤣 @drew


Pour Advice! (alcohol) 

You ever have???? One of???? Those???? Days??????


Okay this is going out on a big limb here, but I’m travelling to Italy this summer and I’d like to spend a day in Assisi- but not doing tourist stuff. I want to have a spiritual experience of some kind of personal connective experience while I’m there. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a person or group I could connect with there? I see there are lots of silent retreats, but they’re generally several days. Just throwing it out there.

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