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How do my fellow stay at home parents listen to podcasts with little ears around? 🤣 I have a six five and one year old and I either can’t hear what is being said or my kids are asking “what does blah blah blah mean?”

Everyday we invite others to participate in our lives, our conversations, and our routines. We also accept invitations to participate in other people's lives, conversations, and routines. Pay attention to the invitations you are extending and accepting. Whether they are wholesome, healthy, valuing of yourself and the lives around you or destructive, unhealthy and devaluing of yourself and others.

I often struggle to differentiate between self-care and distraction. I'm having a not-so great mental health day and am not sure whether going off and doing activities is just distracting me and trying to delay dealing with it or helpful? Anyone know how to navigate that ?

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

Our tv is getting repaired so the kids are picking out records this morning instead of tv shows 🤯🙌🏼😍 can it stay broken @drew ?

In addition, thanks to the generosity of @SapphiraOlson is running a giveaway with the prizes being 7 USA Kindle copies of ‘Parables’ by fellow liturgist Sapphira, donated by Elsewhen Press - Reply to this toot to enter & the first 7 will receive a Kindle copy. I will DM the lucky 7 so that their emails can be passed on to the publishers. Offer is available to US residents only.

In case anybody else needs to hear it today: You’re going to make it, this isn’t forever, and there are actually aspects of this miserable moment you will claim to miss in an upcoming moment. Breathe, talk to someone. It’s okay to feel bad.


@katek had the great idea of upping her patreon support... if we all upped a bit... maybe we can help @mike avoid the big social media sites? I feel like he’s done so much for us...

Finding people who are at a similar spot as you in life is really like taking a deep breath of fresh air. We aren’t alone. Inhale. Exhale.

It's here! Check out the trailer for Pour Advice, a new web series where good and bad meet. 🍸👫🍹

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Update my MIL used it in our potatoes last night. We have survived thus far. Also note in our house we go through at least a half gallon in a week so I don’t normally care about that label 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Ignore the “7 days after opening” label in the almond milk or toss it?

I hope that, whoever you are that takes the time to read this, you know deep within your heart that you deserve to be here.

Take a moment and remind yourself that you exist. That you should exist. That you belong in the world, with all its disappointments and its delights. That you deserve happiness. That you deserve to love yourself simply for the magic of being alive.

I know it's hard work every day to be good to yourself and others. I see how hard it is. I believe in you, and others do too.

language taxes 

I want to propose a gender-neutral use of "housewife" to indicate the primary housekeeping and/or childrearing adult in a household, especially if they are not employed outside the home. If women can work in animal husbandry, men can surely work in housewifery

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