Had a blast last night seeing Gungor, Brilliance, and Propaganda do a great show! It's wild looking back on the journey you've been on. I've been on a similar journey with you, and not being alone is so much better. (Sorry I cropped out David, didn't want to include the kids).

Important article for anyone hoping Mastadon will save us from the corporations. rosenzweig.io/blog/the-federat

When I was an evangelical, out of fear, I was forced to examine every piece of art or entertainment around me from a spiritual perspective to find the evils hidden by "the world."

Since leaving that way of thought and life, I've found myself doing the same thing - this time out of love and joy. The beautiful spirituality hidden in games and movies are fascinating and rewarding to my new eyes.

I guess, in some ways, deconstruction is just taking what you know and replacing fear with joy.

Here’s our merry band of heretical Jesus followers, led by my courageous wife Leah.

@mike “weeping with science Mike” doesn’t sound so bad. 😆

Hey @hillarymcbride, how can I find out about your sacred feminine events so I can pass it on to my wife?

Been reading Anand Giridharadas’ Winner Take All, and it’s super good. Learning about patriarchy and white supremacy leads right to capitalism, and Anand has some great perspective there. For , I think it also has a lot to say about how power structures perpetuate. Interesting to think about that in a church setting.

step 1: clothing. Yielded 12 bags plus more in the trash, but initial weekend is going very well. Kids are getting into it.

This is our dog. She drives me crazy, but is pretty cute.

I'm a software engineer, dad to 3, and pastor's husband. Went to , and got shook when Hillary described patriarchy as a sickness. Now trying to figure out how I heal from that, white supremacy, and I'm sure more things I haven't discovered yet. 😭 😩 🤕

Now to figure out how to deal with two mastodon accounts. 🤔

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