Listening to the Buddhist (Part 1) on Spotify, how in the HELL is this one of the least downloaded or listened to podcasts...

How do I know?

How do I know my desire to flee and dismiss discomforts in “church” is my soul’s fighting for truth God prepared eons before I was a glimmer in my parents eye? How do I know I am not dodging the difficult burden of modern Christianity? How do I ask my wife of 8 yrs to consider leaving the church her dad pastors to escape division knowing it will alter our relationship? How do I entertain freedom from the very thing that initiated it in the first place? How do YOU know? Any help?

I mean... I know it is state of the union night, and I know people have to try and “push” but what if, Just WHAT IF, we decided to watch Hook instead as a family??? “Ruuu - fi - OHHHHHH!!!”

I am really excited to find this community. My faith journey is evolving faster than my primal mind can pace. I’m married to a PK, we attend her dads church, I grew up Methodist, became atheist, and came back to faith through a “mystic” experience too. I can’t find adequate words to express how grateful I am participating in the archives of the folks who make these viewpoints known. Feeling the long gone sense of liberty today...

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