Listening to the Buddhist (Part 1) on Spotify, how in the HELL is this one of the least downloaded or listened to podcasts...

@vishnu So I read the sample of THIS on B&N. I promptly searched where I could get my hands on a copy for my wife and I TODAY. I searched the googles and they pointed me to the Walmarts... I thought you would enjoy the title they have your book listed under and the fact your love letter is perched atop a book dedicated to cooking animal flesh... The universe smiles, doesn’t she... Oh, and most importantly, I love you too, brother. Thank you for sharing your life with me. - Jay in Cincinnati

@mattlaff I had the exact same experience sad to say. I was with my wife and could tell she wanted to hear it out, but once again I left church with a very clear message... “You and your thoughts/beliefs are not welcome here in their current state...”

I hope you enjoyed the movie with your oldest. Hard not to check out of life when the MCU is On screen!

Any resources that suggest places of worship that are welcoming and not filled with ignorance for US MSA’s/Cities??

How do I know?

How do I know my desire to flee and dismiss discomforts in “church” is my soul’s fighting for truth God prepared eons before I was a glimmer in my parents eye? How do I know I am not dodging the difficult burden of modern Christianity? How do I ask my wife of 8 yrs to consider leaving the church her dad pastors to escape division knowing it will alter our relationship? How do I entertain freedom from the very thing that initiated it in the first place? How do YOU know? Any help?

@vishnu I know a guy in Cincinnati that would gladly frame it and keep it safe and sound ;)...

I mean... I know it is state of the union night, and I know people have to try and “push” but what if, Just WHAT IF, we decided to watch Hook instead as a family??? “Ruuu - fi - OHHHHHH!!!”

@realrobbell over/under on “Tohu wa-bohu” offending someone who is allergic to all forms of light and/or the indigenous people of Ameronia simply because Rob Bell said it? Thanks for your courage and transparency @realrobbell

@carissa I’ve never tooted, tweeted, facebooked, or otherwise but I think you did great for what it’s worth!!!

I am really excited to find this community. My faith journey is evolving faster than my primal mind can pace. I’m married to a PK, we attend her dads church, I grew up Methodist, became atheist, and came back to faith through a “mystic” experience too. I can’t find adequate words to express how grateful I am participating in the archives of the folks who make these viewpoints known. Feeling the long gone sense of liberty today...

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