This is a Yelp review for a sushi place near my house. Amazing!

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In light of eternity, even a perfect paradise seems like torture.

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Will someone do me a favor and draw Science Mike and Michael Gungor as a robot and alien? Please give Science Mike a really large hinge for a jaw too LOL. Consider this a prayer request hehe

As an INTP on the Meyers-Briggs and an 8 on the Enneagram I sometimes find my own personality traits--my need to be impressive, my rigorous unpacking of complex structures--debilitating. Meditation helps. But today I'm running on pure anxiety.

So I have a job that I should like. But I have an old school boss who thinks the only way to motivate is the stick, and the carrot is for weenies. I'm very new wave motivational, very conscious of avoiding activating people's amygdalas, and it's very stress inducing for me to work for this guy. How do you deal with a person like that when they are your superior?

It strikes me that religious violence creates a strong incentive to abandon all religion, altogether. That is, if your religion is potentially subject to violence, then the path of greatest safety and least resistance is no religion at all.

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"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence"

-- Charles Bukowski

Pretty interesting article. I’d love to hear more about how to make good choices re: sustainability, @mike. Stuff like this makes me feel a little defeated.

Because when you see a beer that looks like this, I mean, you have to.

There’s nothing quite like that moment when you inadvertently say “gracias” to your hispanic hotel room housekeeping and have to explain that you said that because you just came from Costa Rica, not because you assumed she didn’t speak English.

The idea that *anyone* is trying to pass the Kansas City airport off as a passable, modern American airport, is almost alarming.

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Just stumbled across the intersection of two of my favorite things!

All this talk about the UMC decision, and finding a more affirming church, and which church should one choose, has me wondering, What is “church” even for? What do you get out of it?

@mike I am going to give Kiwi Co a shot, I’m probably even going to keep paying for it because it sounds amazing. But hearing your voice read copy for an ad feels so alien. Like, alternate universe, alien

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Video post about suicidality. 

I recently gave a talk about my experiences with suicidality and what research tells us about the cognitive and emotional factors behind suicide.

I'm posting it because I think there are better ways to talk about suicide, and more we can do to help people struggling with a desire to end their own lives.

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The One Church Plan has failed. This was the best chance for both unity and inclusion. Shit.

Thru what medium do you most readily find God (however you choose to define that), and what do you think that says about you? What do you think it says about God?

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