I’ve worked in churches for 15 years, and as I have deconstructed, I’ve stayed. Partly due to fear of leaving and partly because I hoped to be a different voice or perspective. It’s clear now I can’t make it work anymore. Trying to come to terms with this and how to survive until I find another job. 🙄

Thank you for sharing. It's something I'm working on too.

@BrittBlack wow, I'm sorry that this is the position you're in.

@BrittBlack I worked in a church for 13 years - while it a different situation (mine was an abusive cult masquerading as a church) I can empathize at how it feels to be in your situation. It was the worst and the best to make the break - now that I’m on the other side I feel happier and freer then I ever have before :)

@davidbelich I can only imagine what an abusive situation would be like. I’m sorry that was your experience. Thank you for the encouragement! It’s comforting to hear the experience from the other side.

@BrittBlack I don’t have anything to offer you but solidarity. I worked in churches for 4 years. But volunteered for 5 before that. I thought as the faith dropped out beneath me I’d find a floor that kept me within Christianity but I could be a different perspective or voice. But it was a few months ago I finally realized that wasn’t going to happen. I’m young, but even from where I am, restarting career paths sucks.

It’s a difficult path. Best of luck. We’re here for you.

Worked bi-vocationaly at the same church for 8 years straight out of college. Parted ways a few months ago. Thankfully I have a day job that mostly pays the bills. Not sure where things will go now, but just wanted to join with the others telling you that you aren't alone.

@BrittBlack I'm now entering my fourth year out of church work. Pragmatically, there are a ton of transferrable skills from church work to the marketplace. Happy to share more if the process I went through to identify those if you're interested...

@adamcaldwell thank you! I’m emailing you now. Appreciate the practical help.

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