@adamcaldwell thank you! I’m emailing you now. Appreciate the practical help.

@davidbelich I can only imagine what an abusive situation would be like. I’m sorry that was your experience. Thank you for the encouragement! It’s comforting to hear the experience from the other side.

I’ve worked in churches for 15 years, and as I have deconstructed, I’ve stayed. Partly due to fear of leaving and partly because I hoped to be a different voice or perspective. It’s clear now I can’t make it work anymore. Trying to come to terms with this and how to survive until I find another job. 🙄

@mamaria yes! I cringe every time I read an old journal or blog post. Grateful for growth!

The United Methodist Church and LGBTQ Equality. 

My heart breaks for friends and others who were hoping this decision would bring change and equality.

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