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*stands up* Hey my name is Caleb. I'm on the tail end of a deconstruction (thanks in part to the Liturgists) and now in a forever reconstruction. Former PK. Introvert who loves people. I make music and I'm finishing up an album about my faith migration. Oh and for all you nerds, I'm a 9w1. Toot.

New album about spiritual crisis 

If anyone is interested, I just released an album about the spiritual shift I went through last year.

It's called Where Color Survives:

Hope it resonates with you!

New song that questions God 

Hey y’all. I released the first single from my upcoming album, Where Color Survives. The album is a two-parter and shares the experience of my spiritual undoing/reconstruction. The single is called “Just Being Honest” and questions God and my childhood faith.

If that sounds interesting, you can listen here:

Hey podcasters/bloggers 

Hey podcasters/bloggers, I have an album coming out about my “spiritual crisis,” “faith migration,” or whatever name you wanna give it. If you’d like to hear it early and maybe do an interview/feature, toot at me!



In honor of the Risen Christ, we’re eating risen crust pizza for dinner. 🍕

Graphic design for my upcoming album about my de/reconstruction 

Hey, y’all. I’m about 97.3% done recording an album I wrote last year during a major “faith migration.” I’m looking for someone who both resonates with the album theme and can create a meaningful and eye-catching album cover.

My budget? Very very low. This is mainly for someone who loves creating visual art and who can relate to having had a spiritual crisis/migration/deconstruction. This should be fun!

Toot at me! ✌🏻🙏🏻🍻💩

My 4yo daughter to a 3ft Buddhist statue at a fancy vegan restaurant: “High five, mister!”


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@vishnu @mike there’s no way only 6 people listened to the Buddhist episodes. I know I loved them!

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Video post about suicidality. 

I recently gave a talk about my experiences with suicidality and what research tells us about the cognitive and emotional factors behind suicide.

I'm posting it because I think there are better ways to talk about suicide, and more we can do to help people struggling with a desire to end their own lives.

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This person sold their VHS player on eBay and got a surprise letter in the mail:

Revisiting Coldplay deep cuts today. I Bloom Blaum, anyone?

The Bible 

For those of you still interested in the Bible, this is a fascinating perspective on it...

Episode 74: Pete & Jared - God’s Children Tell the Story from The Bible For Normal People -


I found this super interesting. Thought some of y’all would too.

A video on Taoism and how having no desires can lead to a richer life...

Gonna try and make more of a buttprint on the earth today. Who's with me?

So Facebook tracks you (in order to sell you more relevant products) even if you don't have a FB account...

"If you’re logged out or don’t have a Facebook account and visit a website with the Like button or another social plugin, your browser sends us set of info."


Is anyone else sick of talking about it?

Don't get me wrong, it’s been super helpful for me. And I would encourage anyone who hasn't to look into it.

But it's meant to be a private thing, something for personal growth. It's sort of becoming this comparative, magic-hat-sorting type of conversation. Anyone with me on this? No? Just me? Ok.

(And yes I realize the irony of me talking about how I'm tired if talking about it...)

“We must never presume that we see. We must always be ready to see anew.”

- , Everything Belongs

(If you’re into contemplation and deep thinking, that book ☝🏻 is blowing my mind)

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“The opposite of faith is not doubt: It is certainty. It is madness. You can tell you have created God in your own image when it turns out that he or she hates all the same people you do.”

Anne Lamott

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