work, finances, requesting assistance, please :boost_ok: 

so um. i called my hr department to ask about an insurance-related thing and found out that apparently i got fired because my doctor didn't follow-up on my disability paperwork, despite them assuring me that it would be taken care of when i last spoke with them. i've applied and interviewed at places, but for the time being i've still not gotten any offers so i guess i'm just. unemployed with a family to worry about keeping housed and fed. we've been under immense strain for the last several months from the accident and associated complications, and my mental and physical health have deteriorated as a result of it all

if there's anyone out there who has an in with the hiring department of a company looking to fill an entry-level programming position anywhere in the us, i would be eternally grateful if you could get in touch. i'm not the most skilled or experienced, but i will work very hard to learn whatever i have to for the position

also, if anyone has both the space and the spoons for two or three adults and one very affectionate and energetic first grader, we'd be willing to pay as much rent as we can afford until my job situation is sorted and we're well and truly back on our feet

finally, if you've got the ability to help us with some money, i've got these things:
cash app: $asdflkjhdarling


work, finances, requesting assistance, please :boost_ok: 

@asdflkjh Hi! You should ask @mike. He might know of someone/something.

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