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The Body Keeps the Score book is changing my life........ anyone else familiar with it?

Is everyone having an edifying lenten journey? OR is are there ANY folks out there even aware of the seasons of the church anymore? It is good to be countercultural in a dysfunctional culture, but it can feel a bit isolated at times.

Meetings today at first nations offices. I am humbled by their open hearted welcome to my empty headed questions. I want to know more and settler culture has little interest in their stories or perspectives. About time we start trying to address that.

Lovely walk with my sweetie. Nice day off yesterday. Tomorrow we go out to my work together and I get to host her for the lenten service! These have been good so far this year.

Time for bed. Big day tomorrow.Good night all.

Have a lovely evening all! I am going to sit and meditate, then do my bible readings for the sermons of the week. See y'all later as they say down South of here.

Time go do some reading for my Sunday sermon, and some for Ash Wednesday. It's going to be a busy season for those of us in the clergy.

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My husband has brought univeralist chips into my house. They're called "all dressed" and you literally taste all the chip flavors one after another. The experience leaves me confused, nostalgic for my good old sour cream and cheddar and then... Reaching for another...

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It's funny, I sometimes feel jealous of those that are actually deconstructing in the same way I used to feel jealous of people who had exciting testimonies.
I just feel like my faith and theology have been in constant change since it started and I've been able to ignore a lot of stupid crap to see the good stuff. I do feel fortunate in a lot of ways for this and am still working through a lot of the same issues; I'm just coming at it from a different angle.

Wow, first post here and I am starting off at "overwhelmed!"
Im sure I'll figure it out in time.

Big week coming up for me.

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