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@steven @joeld @rainer @mdm @hagridaaron @kirk @giddie @cedric Also, I really want to go with friendica instead of diaspora because it federates with Mastodon well. People could follow each other across the two communities, which I think if way cool.

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Former Calvinist Christian on my way to the mission field. Now agnostic trying to figure out life, deconstruction, and who on earth I am. Married to my favorite person, 3 kids. Enneagram nerd (9w8), music lover, bookworm.

So, when I post on here, is it only Liturgists people who can see it? Or can anyone on Mastodon see it? I don't want to introduce myself until I know for sure!

Just listened to the latest Ask Science Mike and decided to join here. I want to scale back on fb. No idea how this works yet, so I figured I'd jump in with a...whatever this kind of post is called 😂

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