@mike can you share the recipe for the veggie based protein drink that you said Pete Holmes shared with you?

I can't believe I just lost The Game in the Year of our Lord 2019

To any other classical or biblical scholars out there: how would you re-translate διακρίνω?

It's often rendered "to doubt" in NT, but as it doesn't really have this meaning anywhere outside the Bible in contemporary or prior uses, I'm beginning to doubt *hah* that this was ever its intended meaning even in the Bible.

I've been playing around with "determine", "decide", "distinguish", "divide", "over-analyze"...

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

aimless complaints about progressive spirituality 

I can understand if this is some kind of survival theology, but I guess it just irks me a little. I crave theology that is at least partially supernatural.

I don’t really have anywhere to go with this, I just needed to vent after the first part of today’s episode 😅

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aimless complaints about progressive spirituality 

I’m so sick of definitions of god and spirituality that focus only on love between humans or natural processes. It feels like a fucking cop out to me. As someone who doesn’t particularly like other humans very easily, there’s nothing really appealing about that concept of god to me. I know that isn’t a very liturgists-ie sentiment.

Humans, in one form or another, have been on Earth for maybe 2.5 million years. The Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away.

Under dark, clear skies, you can see the Andromeda galaxy with your own two eyes. If you do, you’ll be looking at light which has been travelling through space for roughly as long as our genus has existed on this planet.

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People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid. - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard #famous #quotes

Liturgist fam-I need help finding a children’s book or 5 that feature interracial parents/families! Particularly if the mother is white and the father is black. The book(s) doesn’t have to be about interracial families necessarily, just looking for illustrations that depict such a family. Thanks in advance!

I'd say that Rowling needs to stop retroactively diversifying her characters, but the memes that spin off from her antics are Reddit gold.

Chance the Rapper is a Young Earth Creationist... 😔😔

Christianity shitpost 

so what you're telling me is that if I'm good during my life I get to stay in a room with every old person who has ever died for the rest of eternity

but if I'm bad I get to hang out with the devil?

are you sure you have these in the right order?

Far-right + nationalism in Brazil 

Meanwhile in Brazil...
The Minister of Education sent an e-mail to most of the public schools in the country asking that a special message from him (which contains, in the end, the current President's campaing slogan) must be read aloud to all the students, the national anthem must be played and the children must be filmed while the anthem is playing and the videos were to be sent back to the Ministry. Link in portuguese: t.co/Y4kFXCKqLA

Far-right + nationalism in Brazil 

By the way, the campaing slogan is something as this:

"Brazil above all, God above everyone".

(if you read "Deutschland über alles", you're not wrong)

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Mastodon Tips 

It's actually a really good idea to setup accounts on multiple instances. Most instances are run by volunteers. Sometimes, various reasons cause them to need to shut down their instance. It's a great idea to always have other places to go to if that unfortunate circumstance comes to pass.

Is there going to be a Liturgists gathering in Albuquerque? With Richard Rohr? Pls. Can this happen.

On the fourth day he created the grain in the fields.
On the fifth day he created the sheep in the pastures and wood of the forrest.
On the sixth day he realised there were still no bricks and offerred 2 grain to trade.
Realising there was noone to trade with he created Man, who produced bricks and took the deal for grain.
On the seventh day finally God was able to build a settlement.
Then he surveyed all he had made and thought I should go for the longest road.

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