aimless complaints about progressive spirituality 

I’m so sick of definitions of god and spirituality that focus only on love between humans or natural processes. It feels like a fucking cop out to me. As someone who doesn’t particularly like other humans very easily, there’s nothing really appealing about that concept of god to me. I know that isn’t a very liturgists-ie sentiment.

aimless complaints about progressive spirituality 

I can understand if this is some kind of survival theology, but I guess it just irks me a little. I crave theology that is at least partially supernatural.

I don’t really have anywhere to go with this, I just needed to vent after the first part of today’s episode 😅

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aimless complaints about progressive spirituality 

@Chuck I think I hear where you're coming from and can have similar frustrations about God language. I believe that we do need to break down Reza's "bigger version of ourselves God," but would still like to hold on to the idea that God has a kind of consciousness and intimacy with beings. God may be essentially unspeakable and "The ground of being," but still might be able to whisper in your ear. (That's my hope anyway)

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