Oh beautiful
Our carbon skies
Flooded waves of grain
A plastic mountain, travesty
Above our fruitless plains
America, America, may God have mercy on thee
May our temperature, it climb no more
From sea to rising sea

Been working on a musical project inspired by my faith journey for the last several years. Finally got the courage to share it with my dad today. He’s on staff at the church that helped inspire it. It’s been a challenging day. I know he loves me, but I’m sure these songs were terribly difficult to hear, and he expressed that. I’ve been sitting on these tunes a couple years, and it’s time to put them out, but it’s gonna be damn hard on my close family and in laws.

My old evangelical church is doing a sermon series on the end times. I was an idiot and listened in. I forgot how wild dispensationalism is. It reads like a terrible sci-fi movie. In fact, they played a clip from Nicholas Cage’s rapture movie. The sad part is that there are 2500 people that attend. Certainty and tribalism are hella drugs

Finished “This!” tonight. Thank you @vishnu for this incredible work. All I can say is that now the grass is greener, and the flowers are more vivid. There is more clarity in my boy’s giggles, and a deeper beauty in my wife’s face. Thank you for articulating the feelings many of us have had in our hearts for some time.

I've been sitting on a few of these songs for a couple years now, not even showing them to my family. They're probably my most vulnerable but also best work. I'm wrestling with if I should lovingly turn over some tables, or just take the check and perform. One of these weeks I'll put a song up here.

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The church takes their worship team out during summer months and will have "worship nights" in the community, with full stage, lights, and sound. One of the promoters, unaware of my background there, asked me to open the show, so it wouldn't be "so christian". I'd play before them, to an audience made up of mostly their congregation. I've written an album about leaving there, but I haven't put it out. could be an interesting place to play a few of those songs, if i can have the right spirit.

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I have an interesting opportunity. I live in a fairly small town (17k people or so) which is dominated by an evangelical megachurch. I was on staff as a musician there for 10 years. Left about 5 years ago at beginning of my deconstruction. Still get recognized around town all the time. People still tell me they'll see me on Sunday, when I haven't been there in 5 years. My dad is an asst pastor, and all my in laws attend, and are heavily involved. Leaving caused a ton of pain. Family is in denial

@vishnu Worship duets, Hand kissing, anal beads. Pretty sure that’s what my parents though the order was too. Thanks for the LOL

nothing like a photo of a black hole to remind us of the infinitesimal amount of space we take up in the universe

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Gossip posts on Mastodon = “Juicy Toots.”


I've been a songwriter for quite a few years, and my most recent project is a letter to the American church. It's partially inspired by the church that employed me for ten years as a music director. A church where my Dad is an assistant pastor, my mom leads the choir, and my in-laws attend. Been sitting on these songs for a few years mostly due to fear of their repercussions, but may put a live recording or two of them out in this space. A few were inspired after the Chicago gatherings in 2016.

Just found out there’s something called “cardio worship” and just like that I believe in hell again

I'm 33, from a small town in northern Ohio. Happily married to an elementary MD teacher and we have two boys. Once I signed a six figure recording contract and was also a well paid worship leader at an evangelical megachurch. Now I deliver pizza and play cover shows for money. Enneagram 5. Enjoy and go karts in my free time.

So looks like I picked a hell of a month to become a music director at a UMC church

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