So looks like I picked a hell of a month to become a music director at a UMC church

@JamesOfJames lol. My church is fully inclusive and affirming, so not sure what it means for us yet.

@Clay_K as a dude currently married to a PCUSA pastor who has been run off for being too liberal, whose parents are in the ECO and who will probably attend a PCA church when he returns, (and who may be queer, but that's beside the point,) I expect life will be hard like a bad breakup. Shit will be messy and hurt. For a while, you just won't be able to talk to your friends in the new acronym. Unity in Christ is the goal, always! But...Jesus Wept, and weeps still.

@JamesOfJames blessings to you my friend. This stuff is hard. I'm about to head to my former evangelical church where I was a full time musician for ten years for a funeral. Haven't been there in 5 years. My dad is on staff and is doing the service. It's messy. Much love.

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