I have an interesting opportunity. I live in a fairly small town (17k people or so) which is dominated by an evangelical megachurch. I was on staff as a musician there for 10 years. Left about 5 years ago at beginning of my deconstruction. Still get recognized around town all the time. People still tell me they'll see me on Sunday, when I haven't been there in 5 years. My dad is an asst pastor, and all my in laws attend, and are heavily involved. Leaving caused a ton of pain. Family is in denial

The church takes their worship team out during summer months and will have "worship nights" in the community, with full stage, lights, and sound. One of the promoters, unaware of my background there, asked me to open the show, so it wouldn't be "so christian". I'd play before them, to an audience made up of mostly their congregation. I've written an album about leaving there, but I haven't put it out. could be an interesting place to play a few of those songs, if i can have the right spirit.

I've been sitting on a few of these songs for a couple years now, not even showing them to my family. They're probably my most vulnerable but also best work. I'm wrestling with if I should lovingly turn over some tables, or just take the check and perform. One of these weeks I'll put a song up here.

@Clay_K I personally would not choose that location to process that material, given that you've intentionally kept these songs to yourself up to this point. Why not start with just your family or someone else that you're close with?

@halfcalorie yes, family would be first, and I probably wouldn’t play my most straight forward songs. But I have a few that are stories, written in third person, that may come across better. All of my close friends and siblings have heard the tunes and are on board, just gotta show the parents.

@Clay_K That sounds really difficult. You said you have an opportunity?

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