Easter Reframed 

Take heart this morning that you are in good company. I’m sure you already knew that. This paragraph from Yuval Noah Harari has prepared my heart for Easter, acknowledging both the tragedy and the subversive power contained within.

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Scientists Turn CO2 'Back Into Coal' In Breakthrough Experiment

Currently learning a lot from the Secular Buddhism podcast. The first five episodes cover the basics. Thanks to the Liturgist hosts for creating awareness. I feel like this is the right time for me to be absorbing this.

Bite the Hand by boygenius has been my favorite song for the past few weeks. Tonight I just realized that it could be an anthem for exvangelicals.


A medical issue with one of my kids awakened a deeply rooted longing for certainty that I thought had been completely choked out. I began to feel alone and adrift in the universe with nothing solid to reach for. But then I remembered how that old certainty wasn’t very certain at all, undermined by anxiety about whether or not I was praying enough or had been pure enough for God to intervene. I’m now feeling grateful for the path of suffering that I am able to take as I walk through this valley.

Hello All. I grew up in a charismatic evangelical environment, never really fitting in (the episode demonstrating tongues had me cringing harder than @mike), but fear kept me from wandering much. Fatherhood is what finally sparked a serious ethical examination of the faith. Deconstruction has felt mostly therapeutic instead of traumatic, as I slowly realize what things I don’t need to be true any longer. I’m grateful to many, but especially the Liturgists these last 3 yrs.

Hey @KayJay! We met yesterday. Thanks so much for coming over to say hi. Seeing another Liturgist on the ship was pretty surreal. Too bad we didn’t have more time to chat.

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