@WolfDreamer I lived in Paris for 14 years. All three of my children were born there. I cannot tell you what it means that Notre-Dame is burning. I feel grief and horror at the images. Something iconic and beautiful is being consumed by fire. A place that has been visited and cherished by so many people over so many years, the symbolic heart of the capital, is suffering. And those who call themselves Parisians with it.

The Notre Dame cathedral is on fire right now, and my brain is torn. The strongest feeling is heartbreak, but there is also part of me that feels a strong sense of symbolism as the fire (likely due to renovations) consumes such an important icon that has captivated the hearts of so many.

"...Please call me by my true names,
so I can wake up,
and so the door of my heart can be left open,
the door of compassion."
-Thich Nhat Hanh


Trans and Non-Binary folx are heroes today and everyday ⁠ ⁠

Queer/Evangelical background: Anyone have resources/stories about those who are queer and how things resolve with their families (esp w/evangelical backgrounds) after coming out? My relationship is incredibly strained, but would love to hear others experiences and hopefully success stories!

Mon directeur de recherche qui fait un discours anti-capitaliste en plein cours, Γ§a n'a pas de prix!

Zora Neale Hurston Enlightened AF 

Then there's her origin myth: When God had made The Man, he made him out of stuff that sung all the time & glittered all over. Then after that some angels got jealous and chopped him into millions of pieces, but still he glittered and hummed. So they beat him down to nothing but sparks but each little spark had a shine and a song. So they covered each one over with mud. And the lonesomeness in the sparks make them hunt for one another, but the mud is deaf & dumb.

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Zora Neale Hurston Enlightened AF 

I'm teaching Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God for the first time. Earlier this year I read it for the first time since high school and as I'm working my way through it again with my students I'm starting to think Hurston was enlightened AF. It could just be the lens I'm reading through, but... "She was the world and the heavens boiled down to a drop. Man attempting to climb to painless heights from his dung hill."

parentified child? 

I read that over and over. I can't remember *any* age, even as young as 3, 4, and 5, when I was not deeply aware of my parents, trying to work out what to expect. As I got older, it wasn't just gauging their behavior and state, it was trying to understand and help their struggles, keep things reasonably in order and working, and always paying attention to things said and problems. I developed lots of ways to help.

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Spanking, ACEs 

Here's an interactive graphic on global progress toward ending corporal punishment of children. The US significantly lags behind Europe and Latin America. Significant parts of Africa and Asia are at least committed to full prohibition.


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Spanking, ACEs 

I've previously linked and discussed Gershoff's extremely large and broad and conclusive research on spanking. This study is different in that specifically correlates the impact of spanking within the framework of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Hopefully, the number of countries that fully prohibit spanking will continue to steadily increase from the current 54.


And after everything, I *am* still breathing. That counts for something. Some days I'm not sure precisely what, but I hold onto hope.

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