I told my mom something private last week, that I wasn't even ready yet to share with my sisters. But, they found out anyway, my mom told them.

bicyce repair guy: so you have a coupon for me to look at your bicycle for only 30 euro, that's cheap! Me: (just being honest) Well, for me that's still a lot of money, but I guess you're right.
And then he gave me 10 euro extra discount, on top of my coupon!

Found a new oven with a big discount online and it just got delivered. It looks exacly the same as my old one. The discount was because of the small dent on the right side, and scratches I can't even find. I'm happy with it!

My therapist emailed me today that our therapy can continue. She didn't give details on how they solved it.

apperently my therapy alread used up the minutes my insurance is willing to cover. (they decide on an amount each year, without knowing how many patients there'll be). So it's likely they have to stop treating all their patients with this particular insurance.

Have the ingredients for several oven dishes in the refrigirator, and a oven that died this morning. So far my latest attempt of healthy eating.

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New profile picture is the candle I made today.

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My neighbour is nice, but very physical. 3 kisses om my cheek coming and going, an arm around my shoulder when I told him I'm lonely. And sitting next to me on the couch close enough for accidental touch. Aside from that it was a nice visit. He did most of the talking. We talked about addiction, loneliness and family issues. Very deep for a first meeting. (He lives here since 8 months, but we never talked before today.)

are there social protocols for having a neighbour over? I accidentally spontaneously invited one, and he said 'sure, i'll probably come this evening'

I passed 5000 entries in my genealogy file.

I want to be anywhere but in my own life today. Have a meeting with the unemployement people in a few hours. They can take my income away if they feel I don't coöperate. That's enough to be super nervous.

I finally got my copy of THIS, (I'm in the Netherlands). @vishnu It smells great!

I have a blog, but it's not in English. But in case anyone's curious: welkomophetspectrum.wordpress.

Last week I went to church for the first time in years (not to a service, but to a meditative thing) and one of the people I made smalltalk with, called me this morning and offered to buy me a new outfit for easter.

I went to a conversation group for Christian Autistic adults. It was good, everybody dared to be vulnerable about their issues. Instead of struggling with public transport for about an hour, I was driven home by one of the group members. I just met him today, his kindness is amazing.

I found 10 euro in my mailbox, without explanation. I'm pretty sure nobody owes me money, so I'm going crazy wondering where it came from.


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