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Mind's eye. Is that a figure of speech, or you literally see things?

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Fediverse admins,

Please block "", they are spamming massive numbers of fake followers (I've just had 2000 fake followers for example).

#Fediverse #Spam

This goes on for a looong while, and actually caused my browser to crash. What is it, and how do we make sure it won't happen again? @mike

My neighbour left his apartment just when I walked trough the hall, so I asked him about it. Apperently my machine was making a beep that drove him crazy. He apologised but he also said next time he'll throw my machine out of the window. So, sort of a mixed message, but I'm glad we cleared the air.

My neighbour pulled the plug on my washingmachine mid-cycle, causing me to have an anxious morning thinking it was broken. I wish I had the curage to ring his doorbell and express my anger.

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Hey. Just wanted to mention that it's my birthday. Enjoy your day if you read this.

was chatting with a stranger and having a really good time. But after 3 days of chatting and a minor misunderstanding, he accused me of being a bot... he said: 'it's a nice cover for a bot to claim that it's autistic'

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Every now and then I overcome enough anxiety to actually post a toot, but most of my toots, including replies to others, get written, but never posted.

My language student thought my birthday already happened (it's the end of this month) and he, his wife and 2 kids surprised me with singing and a present.

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medical, family 

I told my mom something private last week, that I wasn't even ready yet to share with my sisters. But, they found out anyway, my mom told them.

bicyce repair guy: so you have a coupon for me to look at your bicycle for only 30 euro, that's cheap! Me: (just being honest) Well, for me that's still a lot of money, but I guess you're right.
And then he gave me 10 euro extra discount, on top of my coupon!

Found a new oven with a big discount online and it just got delivered. It looks exacly the same as my old one. The discount was because of the small dent on the right side, and scratches I can't even find. I'm happy with it!

My therapist emailed me today that our therapy can continue. She didn't give details on how they solved it.

apperently my therapy alread used up the minutes my insurance is willing to cover. (they decide on an amount each year, without knowing how many patients there'll be). So it's likely they have to stop treating all their patients with this particular insurance.

Have the ingredients for several oven dishes in the refrigirator, and a oven that died this morning. So far my latest attempt of healthy eating.

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