'This train is late because it was having problems and we needed to reboot it.'


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Went to a comedy show about taking things too literally by an autistic comedian. Afterwards he and all 5 people in the public chatted for half an hour about autism and other things.

Visited an older lady from church, and mentioned I'm bi. She started mentioning all the gay friends and aquintances she has. Also she showed me a poetry book made by a trans church member. Apperently she is openly trans and my church is fine with it. Good to know.

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Cycled my first 10km of the day trough the rain.; I have to do 8 more to and from apointements. Cycling is my only method of transportation. It feels good to be this active.

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I mean, why at a trainstation with only two trains, does the bus leave 2 minutes before the train arrives, and arrive 2 minutes after the train leaves?

Had to wait 25 minutes for a bus, then wait 50 minutes for a bus, then wait 25 minutes for a train. I spent more time waiting for transport than being in it, they should fix this.


I'm preparing for a surgery and hospital stay. I'm so I'm worried about sensory overload. Are there other autistics here who spent time in hospitals? How was it for you, and what can I do to make it easier for me?

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Any interesting studies/articles about Autism in girls, preferably peer-reviewed or with peer-reviewed sources?

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Mind's eye. Is that a figure of speech, or you literally see things?

This goes on for a looong while, and actually caused my browser to crash. What is it, and how do we make sure it won't happen again? @mike

My neighbour left his apartment just when I walked trough the hall, so I asked him about it. Apperently my machine was making a beep that drove him crazy. He apologised but he also said next time he'll throw my machine out of the window. So, sort of a mixed message, but I'm glad we cleared the air.

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