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The liturgists instance seems to be working again. While it was offline I made a new acount at @Corina and that will be my main from now on. Feel free to follow me there!

I see the liturgist instance will be taken down in a few weeeks. I'll keep posting on @Corina and I really hope the few people that are still posting on this instance will move on to other instances too, so I can stay in touch with them!

The liturgists instance seems to be working again. While it was offline I made a new acount at @Corina and that will be my main from now on. Feel free to follow me there!


Because I want to keep busy and all my volunteerwork and other activities are canceled I have been candle making like crazy. I think I have about 80 candles now. 80. What am I going to do with 80 candles? I would give them away to all my online friends if I could affort shipping. Maybe I could donate them to the local foodbank? Would they be happy with non-food too?

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Got a phonecall from the local organisation against loneliness, asking how I'm doing and if there's anything they can do for me. I don't think there's much they can do, but I really appreciate the call.

Because of the self-isolation I have nothing to do, so I started to make a lot of candles. These are the first 30.

Somebody sent me an email that started with 'dag Corona'. Probably just a typo, but I felt tempted to write back with 'hey Tyfus'.

@mike I understand you had to go back to the big social media for financial reasons, but why are you not on mastodon anymore? Can't you at least post some of the stuff you post elsewhere, here too? 2/2

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@mike you started this weeks podcast with teling that you're more active on social media than ever. I don't feel safe on twitter, instagram and all those big companies, but I do feel safe here, on mastodon. The liturgists instance is not very active anymore but I build myself a small community with people from other instances. 1/2

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Hey y’all. So I’m stuck home sick for today, probably tomorrow as well. If I’m doing better by Monday I should be good., but I don’t think this time is being covered. I need help with my phone bill, which is $80. I could use some help. If you’ve got anything to spare, I would super appreciate it.

autism diagnose 

My brother got his autism diagnose today. That means 3 out of 4 siblings have it.

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It's just been anounced that all cafe's etc close in a few minutes (until at least april 6). My brother is reporting a long line in front of his local coffee shop.

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My brother (with an ADD diagnose) has been evaluated for autism twice now. The first time they gave him a no, then his shrink referred him for a second opinion. Now they're saying he's on the edge of the spectrum and are asking him what he thinks. Does he want an autism diagnose, or no?

My best friend moved away from this city last saturday. Just now I said goodbye to my other friend. From now on I'll live in a city none of my friends live in. Goodbyes suck.


So I haven't gone to church for the past few years, mainly because I can't handle the sounds there. They have an internet livestream that I watch sometimes. Today in church the (first ever female, how awesome is that) minister mentioned me, and then she asked the congrucation to WAVE at the camera while they were leaving church. And they did. So many people waved at me this morning!

I'm trying to learn again. Are there any people in the fediverse who toot in that language?

I did the thing I was procrastinating on since january 2018!

doctor who spoiler, Caps 

I screamed with pleasure when I saw him. CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS IS BACK!

I managed to book tickets for another evening. My friend can't come then, but my sister agreed to come. It's been years since I saw a movie in a theather, so I'm excited!

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Invited my friend to go to the movie 'mind my mind' about autism, only to find out it's already sold out...

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