This goes on for a looong while, and actually caused my browser to crash. What is it, and how do we make sure it won't happen again? @mike

@Corina @mike Did you catch what instance they're from? Probably a good idea for people to block it

@RadiantEmber @mike the instance is should I block it myself (and how) or is that something for admins?

@Corina @mike I think only admins can suspend an instance which is more effective, but you should at least be able to mute it. Not sure if that would take care of the follow spam though

@Corina @mike Also I've heard about them spamming followers elsewhere too

@Corina @mike I just muted them and I think it should fix the follower issue, but it would be good to suspend it at an admin level too

@Corina @mike Oh and to mute them go to the profile of an account on that instance, click the three dots where you can block the individual and click mute

@RadiantEmber @mike thank you, I had no idea how to mute them, but you answered before I asked!

@Corina @mike

MRFs are a really powerful way to do automated policy-based moderation

@Corina Glad i'm not the only one experiencing this. I blocked the entire instance from my end -- but not sure how to get them off my follow list. :(

@drew I'm guessing they'll dissapear once Mike blocks them from our instance, so we just have to wait for him to come online.

@Corina Just looked at my own profile, and my follow list is back to 98 -- maybe blocking the instance from my end did the trick after all. 🤷‍♂️

@drew same here; they're still in my notifications, but not in my follower count.

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