Mind's eye. Is that a figure of speech, or you literally see things?

@Corina I have a third eyeball in my brain, but it doesn't see anything because it's dark in there

@Corina Some people literally envision things. Some people never do. Some people can't really picture things in their head at all. I have one family who has described that and heard others describe. I think it even has a name, though I forget what it is.

Some people use the expression in situations both where they do mean they are picturing something in their mind and in situations where they mean it metaphorically.

So I guess the answer is ... yes?

@tmorizot I'm one of the never-envision people, today I learned that that's called aphantasia. I watched a few youtube video's about it and started if the 'normal' thing is literal. It's bedtime now, but I think I'll go into full information seeking mode tomorrow morning.

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