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Heya. I noticed since a few days that I had to click away a lot of those cookie popups on every puzzle page. That sounds to me like you added more ads/tracking to your site, otherwise you'd not have been required to show those cookie popups.

I could live with that, even though it made the site less attractive and made me doubt I'd subscribe (something I had considered before).
But now there's something that completely killed my visits: a popup that blocks the site if my adblocker is turned on and I'm not a Patron.

With all the cookie-additions, site getting slower (some of my buddies report it takes entire minutes to load a page!), and this adblock-popup that prevents proper use of the site, I fear that visiting those puzzles has become extremely unattractive to me.

What pains me to see was the following line in your Patron-benefits: "The ads will disappear. The site will load faster as a result."
Outch. This is more an incentive to stay away.

I don't expect you to change your mind, that's your own choice. I just wanted to let you know that I removed my bookmarks to your site now because of the overly commercialising of the site.

In case you've not noticed: Mastodon is the ultimate opposite. No tracking cookies, and no ads. Many of its users value the same.

A shame, because the puzzles were nice.

Good luck.


PuzzleTeam, Feedback 

@trinsec @puzzleteam Same here actually. I made a lot of puzzles last few weeks, but today I can't because of the ad-block-message. I block ads because of my disability. I'm autistic and ads usually overload my sensory circuit within minutes. Paying is also not an option on this point. So sadly, I'll say goodbye to a great website. Bye!

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