Aaaaand is back! I am told the instance accidentally got deleted 😳😬 πŸ˜‚ but it's back now baby!

@conrad Where did you hear that? I couldn't find anything!

@Corina There was discussion on the Liturgists Slack channel. The current admins are over there. (Too bad they're not here, and this isn't more active!)


@conrad who are our current admins anyway? Is it still @mike ?

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@Corina well I tried to find out but didn't hear anything back. Mike is gone from everything The Liturgists, including this mastodon site. So not sure exactly who is running things now...

@conrad based on the most recent posts on the local timeline I'd guess nobody is monitoring the instance well enough to remove spam?

@Corina yeah I guess not. My last check about an admin went unanswered. πŸ˜•

@conrad that's really weird. I'm used to the liturgists being quite transparent.

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