Age, ASD, being transgender 

medical, pain 

@JessieGinger I once dreamed one of my fellow students was a serial killer. The next day, I was studying in a room in the library that's usually abandoned, but he kept walking in, I was startled every time. At the end of the day I just told him about my dream, and we laughed about it.

post weight loss surgery (vsg) 

@AzureKingfisher Is that a good thing? I hope it goes well for you, good luck! <3

student loans, positive 


after weight loss surgery 



bible quiz, sensory overload. 

bible quiz, sensory overload. 

I joined a bible study group 4 weeks ago, so I barely know these people yet. But today every single one of them gave me a card with a heart-felt message to wish me goodluck with my surgery.

Neighbours are being too loud (drilling). Going to hide at a friends house for the rest of the afternoon.

@giddie don't worry, we'll invent new stuff and figure out ways to increase our electricity needs.

@luminesce I know that there's one supermarket in the Netherlands who does this, sadly not near me.

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