@conrad that's really weird. I'm used to the liturgists being quite transparent.

@conrad based on the most recent posts on the local timeline I'd guess nobody is monitoring the instance well enough to remove spam?

The liturgists instance seems to be working again. While it was offline I made a new acount at @Corina and that will be my main from now on. Feel free to follow me there!

@conrad Where did you hear that? I couldn't find anything!

@nonnatus In the Netherlands, may 5 is bevrijdingsdag, on which we celebrate the end of a 5 year occupation by nazi Germany.


Because I want to keep busy and all my volunteerwork and other activities are canceled I have been candle making like crazy. I think I have about 80 candles now. 80. What am I going to do with 80 candles? I would give them away to all my online friends if I could affort shipping. Maybe I could donate them to the local foodbank? Would they be happy with non-food too?

@giddie I tried it in firefox, with my brother, and we just wouldn't be able to see or hear each other. We could chat though..

@giddie I tried Jitsi, but I couldn't get it to work. Now I'm testing tox, but I couldn't find much about its privacy.

@nextcloud what are the alternatives? My family wants to videoconference together on easter. I tried Jitsi, but it didn't work in my browser. Are there others?

PuzzleTeam, Feedback 

@trinsec @puzzleteam Same here actually. I made a lot of puzzles last few weeks, but today I can't because of the ad-block-message. I block ads because of my disability. I'm autistic and ads usually overload my sensory circuit within minutes. Paying is also not an option on this point. So sadly, I'll say goodbye to a great website. Bye!

@cajal Yes you should do that. Candle wick is cheap, and you can make candles using anything. The ones I made this and last week were with real candle molds, but I also often work with empty pringles cans.

@ijyx how do you know you're dreaming? I've seen the lists on those websites, but for me they never worked...

loneliness, positive 

Got a phonecall from the local organisation against loneliness, asking how I'm doing and if there's anything they can do for me. I don't think there's much they can do, but I really appreciate the call.

@ijyx I wouldn't have an answer either. I don't eat out enough to 'know' chains well. It was just a random question.

@ijyx If you could close one fast food chain, due to disgusting food, what would you pick?

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