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@trinsec Thanks for the link. I ordered some puzzle books, but they're not here yet.

@conrad @mike yeah, this instance has lost it's momentum. But I really appreciate everybody who's still here.

@mike I understand you had to go back to the big social media for financial reasons, but why are you not on mastodon anymore? Can't you at least post some of the stuff you post elsewhere, here too? 2/2

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@mike you started this weeks podcast with teling that you're more active on social media than ever. I don't feel safe on twitter, instagram and all those big companies, but I do feel safe here, on mastodon. The liturgists instance is not very active anymore but I build myself a small community with people from other instances. 1/2

@hafnia After a week of not working out because Corona is depressing, I did two small home-workouts today!

@makis Mi ne pensas ke homaro estos freneza. Homaro estas forte kaj rezistema. Sed socio ŝanĝos.

@makis Oh no, now you're scaring me! You're right, a second or a third wave will be worse, and our hospitals will be overwhelmed. But I don't believe we'll lose 99% of the population, like in that book. (Hope you don't mind me responding in English, I just started learning Esperanto.)

@trinsec I was looking forward to this series since I knew they were making it, 2 years ago. I haven't started watching yet though. It's okay if it's different from the book, tvshows always are. I just hope it's good!

@trinsec Excellent timing. Tonke Dragt's 'de brief voor de koning' got turned into a series and was added to netflix yesterday!

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Hey y’all. So I’m stuck home sick for today, probably tomorrow as well. If I’m doing better by Monday I should be good., but I don’t think this time is being covered. I need help with my phone bill, which is $80. I could use some help. If you’ve got anything to spare, I would super appreciate it.

@trinsec I'm Dutch too, I figure we were watching at the same commercials before the king's speech. I hate the Turkish airlines ad anyway, I'd love to see it go.

@JessieGinger If you don't get sickleave, don't hesitate to ask the community for financial aid. On mastodon or elsewhere. Many people are doing that now. Take good care of yourself and I hope you'll feel better soon.

@JessieGinger Do you have coronalike symptoms, or something else? Please get well soon! <3

CW request: bees, wasps, etc. 

@Qwyrdo Yes, they're scary little thingies. Good on you asking for what you need!

autism diagnose 

My brother got his autism diagnose today. That means 3 out of 4 siblings have it.

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