Hello everyone. I am planning on starting my podcasting again. It has been awhile since I relased regularly. However, I would love to change the format to answering people's questions about mental health and counseling. Being honest from a clinician's persepctive and a clinical one. If you want to particpate please ask a question d.pr/V8zQpb. You can find my podcast at www.Simplymentalpodcast.com

I have not been as active on here as I wanted to be. So please forgive me. I find myself in need of some wisdom. I feel holy spirits pull on me toward contemplative Christianity. I love it. Rohr and the rest but mostly Rohr. I want to have an IRL mentor in this but don’t know where to start. Im stuck in evangelical Alabama and would love some suggestions. If any are available.

I love watching football - Go Pats! - really I do. But as someone who studies the brain and behavior I have to say, we really need to stop playing football.

I’m all about other people following me on other platforms as well. Ones that I might end up using more on some days so, www.instagram.com/c_depew, www.twitter.com/chrisdepew I’d love to find you on there as well.

I had to have a conversation with some of my mainstream evangelical friends about my deconstruction and current reconstruction. It went better than expected but they are kinda worried about me and I’m being prayed for a BUNCH. 😬

Curious if there are any other type 1 diabetics on here? Type 2s are welcome to reply as well ;)

I’m so confused by all the different sections on here. Federated, home, local. What do they all mean?

Hello, friends. I hope your day brings joy and peace.

Hello, I’m Chris Depew. I am a private practice counselor in Huntsville, AL. That’s the city in Alabama with more PhDs per capita then anywhere in the world. Anyway, I love this community and love talking to and helping anyone. I’m coming out of a period of deconstruction into a reconstruction of something completely new and it’s been really good.

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