Saw The 1975 tonight! This song was so powerful live!
"When you bleed say so"
"I'm a designer" "Unite Pariahs" Am I a liar?"

I was appropriately writing this poem to struggle with the concept of God when the latest episode came out.

🤞 fingers crossed that the next liturgists episode is about psychedelics 🍄

"When they asked the Buddha about God he would remain silent." "Thanks Buddhism"
I loved that moment 😂

What exactly is the OA, and should I watch it?? I just finished watching Crashing, which was great, and am looking for a new show

Brain question for @mike or any Liturgist nerd: So, for about over a year now, I've had this problem with weakness in the focusing mechanism in my eyes. My vision is 20/20 but will sort of go in and out of focus all day. It's gotten much worse over time, paired with a worsening brain fog/ trouble thinking clearly that's been absolute hell. Does it make any sense at all for the eye condition to affect cognition? I know this is such an obscure question, but any insight would be hugely appreciated.

Just heard this Pete Rollins gem on conversion:

"It's not as though I have a 100 objects in my world and then God shows up and I have 101 objects, God is that which transforms the way in which I interact with the objects in this world."



My cat biting my ankles is a practice in mindfulness

Happy 88th birthday to Ram Dass! What a lovely, glowing being.

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Hey everybody so instagram deleted Jamie Lee Finch’s account bc she was reported so much for sharing the cover of her new book, which features the body of a woman (GASP). Nipples not even exposed (regardless of that bullshit policy). If you’re on other social media would you join me in raising a damn stink to IG about this instafuckery?

@mike @hillarymcbride Thank you both so much for your courage and perseverance through all you've gone through. You are such a gift. (WIlliam Matthews Kosmos)
This is my song today. Thank you William Mathews so much for this gift. "You'll be singing over me"

"But if you’ve really learned how to think, how to pay attention…it will actually be within your power to experience a crowded, loud, slow, consumer-hell-type situation as not only meaningful but sacred, on fire with the same force that lit the stars—compassion, love, the sub-surface unity of all things."
-David Foster Wallace

I was just scrolling through and was surprised to see an episode with Rupert Sheldrake, as I assumed he was a bit "woo" or supernatural for Mike, but I'm definitely gonna give that one a listen!

Politics (Dem candidates), LGBTQ+ 

You can feel the shift from Minnesota winter to springtime in your bones, it's lovely. One benefit of a long, dreary winter.

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LGBTQ+ affirming post-millennials 

I just got HBO Now to binge Pete Holmes' Crashing, It's great so far! I love the moment when he is listening to Jars of Clay with Artie Lange.

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