Does anyone else feel like they develop more intimate bonds with voices on podcasts than than real-life relationships? Especially of the spiritual genre. Or maybe I'm just a loner🤔

@DStre yup. I have a really hard time identifying and putting into words my experiences/thoughts/feelings to share with others. When I try, I often feel like I’m making up a pretend person that doesn’t exist but reads kiiind of like “me.” So with a podcast I can just listen and feel seen regardless of what I do/don’t have to offer.

@emkem That's great, I feel that way too. And the solidarity can feel so healing, especially through de and reconstruction of belief

@emkem @DStre That's me exactly! There's so much complexity and nuance to the thoughts in my brain that it takes forever to find words. So I tend to just end up asking what the much simpler, fake "me" would say, and say that instead. Podcasts can be a window into deep conversation that would otherwise be somewhat difficult for me, unless the other person is really patient.

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