I was just scrolling through and was surprised to see an episode with Rupert Sheldrake, as I assumed he was a bit "woo" or supernatural for Mike, but I'm definitely gonna give that one a listen!

@DStre That’s sorta the reason Mike had him on. Sheldrake was one of the contributors to a book on mystical transformation (I think it was called “finding god in everyone and everything” or something like that) and Mike helped host an event and online book club on the book (the cosmic campfire, along with the home brew Christianity guys).

@DStre correction: the book is called “How I found God in everyone and everywhere”.

@DStre cool, ill have to listen! as a phd-trained neuroscientist, i was a bit unsettled finding myself nodding in agreement during his TED talk, but couldn’t help getting excited about the possibilities his ideas opened up. I recently left traditional academic science in part b/c I just couldn’t stay viable and creative within that system.

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